What is TC-BC?
  The primary purpose of Tri-Cities Business Connections is to promote the businesses of Club members.

Who can join?
  The Club allows only one member per business category. Membership is by invitation only. If your category is available you may attend a maximum of 2 meetings before making a decision to join. Membership in this club is exclusive to other tips networking groups (e.g., Commerce Club, Le Tips, B.N.I., etc.); dual membership is not allowed.

Where and when are the meetings held?
  We meet at The Old Country Buffet at Columbia Center every Wednesday morning at 7:00am. We try to finish no later than 8:15.

What if I decide I want to join?
  After attending two meetings as a guest, you will be invited to fill out an application and submit it to the Membership Chairman. The membership chairman will then arrange for a  brief interview with you. At the following meeting a review of your application, testimony from the Membership Chairman, sponsor and/or other members will take place. The applicant will not be present at that meeting. The present membership will vote. You will be notified of the decision and if accepted, asked to attend the next meeting and pay dues.

How much does it cost?
  $125.00 membership, paid in January of each year.

$11.00 per month, prorated membership dues, if joining during the year. Dues are non-refundable.

$85.00 quarterly meeting space fee, includes breakfast.

Guest meals are paid for by the club.

What are the responsibilities of membership?
  Members are expected to attend weekly meetings and participate in sharing tips (at least 2 tips are required each month). Outside and inside tips are encouraged. An outside tip is an interested individual who wants contact to be made for a service that a fellow member can provide. All contact information needs to be given to the member for which the service is desired. An inside tip is a service performed by a member for a fellow club member.

On the flip side; when a member receives a tip they are expected to follow through appropriately and professionally with great service.