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In today’s economy, it’s never been more important to stay in front of your customers, and to cultivate new ones.  When economic times get tough, companies often go to their advertising budgets, hatchet in hand. Rolling back ad budgets is simple and quick - and potentially dangerous. What seems prudent may, in fact, endanger a company's very future.  When a company cuts back on advertising, its brand can suffer “memory decay”.  Often with extraordinary speed.  Worse, if its competitors remain aggressive, a company can lose not only mind share, but market share.  And may never regain it.

As a business owner or manager, you have seemingly limitless advertising and marketing options. The choices can seem overwhelming.    


  • Year after year consumers routinely vote television as the most authoritative, most believable and most influential of all advertising mediums.

  • A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics study shows that consumers spend nearly 55% of their media usage time with television - with the average adult watching for over 4-1/2 hours daily.  That gives you the opportunity to reach them often.

  • More importantly, Research firm Marketing Evolution recently compiled the results of 40 previous “Return on Marketing Objectives” studies and found that television accounted for nearly 70% of the impact on consumers to make purchase decisions.  That’s powerful return on your advertising investment.


KEPR-TV brings you the power of America’s most watched network-CBS: 

  • Most watched Daytime – with 4 of the top 5 shows.

  • Most watched Prime Time – winning 6 of the 7 nights each week and more top 20 shows than the other networks COMBINED.

  • Most watched Sports network, with more of America’s favorite events (NFL & College Football, March Madness Basketball, PGA Golf, US Open Tennis).

  • The ONLY early evening Newscast in the market that is not shared with Yakima - providing more LOCAL news content.

Your business is promoted on the shows your customers watch most.


It doesn’t matter where you advertise if you don’t have the right message.  KEPR’s award-winning production team will design a commercial that provides the image you’re after and brings customers in the door.  With the most experienced team in the market and state-of-the-art digital production facilities, we build COMMERCIALS THAT WORK! 


Television advertising is often perceived as being prohibitively expensive.  But the reality is, we’re spoiled in the Tri-Cities, with TV ad rates in line with other mediums, and a fraction of what TV would cost in many other markets.  We work with many small to medium sized local businesses at all budget levels, helping them compete against the ‘Big Box’ guys and grow their market share.  Bottom line: KEPR-TV is effective and AFFORDABLE.

Call me today for a no-charge consultation to discover how KEPR-TV can work for you.