Tri-Cities Business Connections (TCBC)
Businesses You Can Trust!

Do you own or represent a local business trying to grow in the Tri-Cities area?  Would you like increased referrals? Would you benefit from 30+ local business people promoting your product or service? If yes, then let us introduce you to the Tri-Cities Business Connections (TCBC) networking group.
Our members work together to increase your business by giving you referrals, or tips/leads, from their business clients and personal contacts. Members also provide products and services that you can trust to help your business.
Benefits of membership include:

  • Your business category or profession is exclusive
  • Viable and solid referrals, not generic leads accepted in other groups
  • Participation in weekly networking meetings
  • Opportunity to be the featured speaker at our meetings, highlighting your business in detail
  • Free periodic education and training
  • Free page for your business on TCBC website
  • Place your business cards in TCBC members’ locations
  • Low yearly dues, no monthly dues

TCBC isn’t for everyone. Although we do allow for a limited number of excused absences, if you can’t attend our weekly Wednesday morning meeting regularly we may not be for you. We can’t learn about your business and tip you if you’re not there.

Not everyone who applies is accepted. Unlike some other business groups, we restrict our membership to one business per category or profession.   This protects your business and provides you with viable leads exclusively through member referrals. You don’t have to worry about competing with other members selling the same product or offering the same service.

Please be our guest! We meet every Wednesday morning at the Old Country Buffet in Kennewick at 7AM. As our guest, breakfast is on us but you must be invited by a member. Simply call any of our members listed on this website and ask for an invitation. Bring lots of business cards and be ready for an hour of networking in a fun, relaxed environment.

We look forward to meeting you!